This website and rally have come to our attention, and we note that mention is made of the desalination plant among a number of controversial issues and projects within our State.

Your Committee did not endorse this reference, and accordingly we are not a sponsor of the rally or website in any way, or affiliated with all the interest groups cited.

As for the political sentiments expressed, we will leave everyone to make their own decision about how to vote on 27th November, and about whether to participate in the rally.

We have many times made note of the Policy misrepresentation by this Government leading to the last election, and their failure to answer our questions or explain their desal backflip, and that speaks for itself.

best wishes and we do hope you think carefully and make your vote count on 27th November, it seems the Government have not been listening to us this past 3 years.

Stephen Cannon on behalf of the Watershed Committee.