Watershed Victoria was Incorporated in October 2008 after forming in September 2008.

We envision justice and sustainability in water policy and projects across Victoria (and beyond).

We know water issues, we know about solutions, we learn and we share what we learn.

We lobby, collaborate, research and educate on water policy and options.

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We spread the truth that relocalising water supply, with consumption reduction targets combined with reuse and recycle – is more financially viable, job-rich & ecologically sound than large seawater desalination factories -factories which are dependent on chemical discharge to ocean or landfill and climate damaging quantities of electricity.

The current mega-desal factory proposal would also blight a heritage listed coastline – and is no place for a large factory to deposit many kiloliters of chemical and organic waste into the ocean every day.

We have learnt that actual “proponants” of desalination factory at Wonthaggi – via Department of Sustainability and envirionment are actually small groups of people within the State government and the State ALP PArty, and in at least one part of the Liberal Party, in concert with the international mega-desalination lobby & water privatization lobby who are tied to the industrial chemical industry.

Our detailed purpose and aims was accepted at the inaugural meetings in September 2008.

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This background page includes some of the story of our sister group YWYS.

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The sample page below is a flyer from our sistergroup YWYS. It is a good summery of the background news & views from 2007 …