“Turning Off The Tap”

It never rains, it only pours
When contractors get their money-grubbing paws
On the common wealth of this once-great state
Oh, will the wastage never abate?
Not as long as John Dubbya & Company
Continue to have the outrageous effrontery
To take our taxes and haemorrhage them to
The greedy, never-sated few.

They can spot his type a mile away:
The type happy to pay and pay and pay
And say: “Look here, we’re taking action!”
Till their governments’ finances end up in traction.
And reluctantly, to stop further harm
The poor old voters hand over the farm
To people who impose economic rationalism
With all the subtlety of fascism.

There’s only one way to stop the drip:
Take the captain and crew of this ship
Truss them up with a length of cord
And throw the whole lot overboard.