How much will it cost? - Dispite the State Government claiming $3.5 billion, the chairman of the company building and operating the plant says $ 4.8 billion, all from our water bills and taxes. (link:

3rd June 2009, Channel 31 program with Neil Rankine discussing the reasons the current Water Plan is flawed. (link:

Next part of the Channel 31 program with Neil Rankine, click link below:

“Out Of The Blue”, is a documentary made by professional film-maker Jeremy Loftus-Hills. It follows the difficulties a community environment group has in opposing a government not prepared to listen:

Preview of the documentary, “Out Of The Blue”

Available from ETV, —— ¬†click here.

or download an order form ——here.

Click here for the next scheduled documentary showing.

Please visit the “Get Real on Climate Change” website and make your pledge against the proposed desalination plant:

Other related videos and photos that are worth a look include:

Topher #1, On the proposed desalination plant and other options for Melbourne:

Topher #2, On the N-S Pipe and other options for Melbourne:

Photos of Watershed’s 9th May 2009 protest at the proposed desalination plant site:

Videos of the protest above:

Desal Song: We don’t want to swim in your chemicals

Bunurong people Oppose Desalination Plant

Why you should oppose a Desalination plant for Melbourne

Desal plant for Melbourne what a Waste

Veolia set to run the Wonthaggi Desalination Plant supplying water to Melbourne

Protestors enter Desal plant exclusion zone

Shots of the estuary and flood plain right beside the site proposed for the Wonthaggi desalination plant. Finishing with an idea of what it could wind up looking like:

“We Don’t Need a Desalination Plant in Victoria”

Peter Baird discusses the environmentally destructive nature of the proposed plant

“Bob Brown: This Desalination Plant is a Big Mistake”, at the Kilcunda bridge

i San Francisco Parts 1 to 4 - Desalination:

Bunurong people Oppose Desalination Plant

 Date Posted: 21 Apr 2009 @ 04 35 PM
Last Modified: 27 Sep 2009 @ 03 24 PM
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