The urgency to halt work on the two mega-projects - the N-S pipeline and Wonthaggi desal factory, has just reached a new extreme, according to  economists and environmentalists.

Summed up by here by Kenneth Davidson,  Fairfax Media senior columnist.

“But let’s face it. Even drinking A-grade water would be safer than drinking water from the existing fire-affected catchments after heavy rains have washed potash and fire retardant into the reservoirs. To convince Victorians that there is no alternative to drinking recycled water is the real task of statesmanship over the next few weeks and months, so they can begin the immediate upgrade of the Carrum treatment plant and install the pipes to divert water from the affected catchments to the plant and back into the Melbourne’s water grid.”

Full article here.

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Posted By: Dominic Gilligan
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 09 Nov 2008 @ 2:02 AM 

The debate in Victoria on city water security is shifting - lots of news in media on how water recycling
is the best way forward - cost effective and low eco-damage and very healthy for people.

So, given Brisbane is about to be the first city feed in recycled water into their city water supply dams, how do you feel about recently released Water price plans from the Essential Services Commission, where we all pay through the nose for destructive mega-projects like desal & north-south pipeline.

Time To Boycott Water Retailers?

A recent ABC news story on the the financial pain for senseless gains -- Is it time to boycott the central region water retailers?

Clearly the private operators in the “PPP” projects are going to make a big profits on our water - this is a phenomena that has occurrred all around the world - and now it’s being thrust on us (with NO SAY) - When does the water bill boycott start ??

The Victorian Water Forum representatives will present to the Parliamentary Water Inquiry on November 10th. They will show that people in the South central region of Victoria could be paying much less than current Brumby plan’s multi-billion budget - through an upgrade of the big treatment plants at Carrum & Werribee, -giving a similar “rainfall independent” security of supply but with the DOUBLE BENEFIT of stopping the huge nitrogen dumping that occurs from Werribee & Carrm ocean outfalls, PLUS no destruction of a new section of coast (Bass Coast Shire) to make a desal mega-factory that is proposed to dump chemical laden waste into a heritage area.

Write to the Age ABC/ Herald/local paper/question your local State member, “Why should I pay for the crazy, wild Brumby’s water plan ??

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Categories: Features, News
Posted By: Dominic Gilligan
Last Edit: 13 Feb 2009 @ 02 59 PM

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