Research links to articles on desal

080517 Age - For and against Desalination ****

May 2008 - National Geographic - Problems with desal in Middle East ***

May 2008 - U.S. National Academies Report mentioned in National Geographic above -

Underground water storage book

US National Resource Council - Queries about desalination

Ken Davidson - Govt could be embarrasses by Tassy pipe deal.

Professor Patrick Troy - ANU - Essays; Confronting the water crisis.

Kenneth Davidson - On Government Advertorial- Desal worst decision.

(removed from website – noted 091020)

available on YWYS website:

Clean Oceans Foundation - Comparison Recyclyng vs Desalination:

Governments 12 month progress report - Next Stage of Water Plan:

Govt/DSE analysis to justify scale of desal at 150 GL:

Presentations various

Malcolm Fraser on climate change and water policy:

Supply and Demand Analysis for Melbourne’s Water:’s-water-version-4/ or

Environment Victoria’s view on how water should be sourced, Nov 2008:

Sustainability Commissioner’s view on water and others, Dec 2008:$File/Key+findings+and+recommendations+-+REVISED.pdf

081212-Dr Anna Hurlimann Melb Uni - perception on drinking recycled water and question desalination:

Maude Barlow: Video – Looming Global Water Crisis Pt 1 (October 2006)

Part 1:

Part 2:

YouTube South East Queensland doco on Purified Recycled Water

Report to State Government shows many benefits and savings from rainwater tanks as part of five star new home scheme

Perth moving to use recycled water through aquifers

Government’s own advisers warned against the desalination plant and N-S pipe

090306-Excellent Age article on how there will be more jobs in carbon efficient future, including water

09/03/09 – Age article on funding difficulties for desal consortia

09/03/09 – Age article on energy use of large new infrastructure (inc water)

English Version of French ‘La Monde’ article on Veolia

09/04/09 – Water Minister caught out on Government’s N-S Pipe pledge and the volume it can deliver.

Youtube video by amateur investigator/journalist Chris Topher (you make your own judgements on its content re new dams and desalination plants):

Food & Water Watch (US) website take on seawater desalination:

Victorian Sustainable Development Commissioner – State of the Environment:

Herald-Sun article on PPP funding, may not be appropriate anymore,21985,25178788-664,00.html

South East Queensland – Use of Purified Recycled Water for drinking

Powerful video on climate change and the need for action

Water Plan projects not needed –Sunday Age article 29/03/2009

Parliamentary Inquiry into water options for Melbourne,

Presenters transcripts and submissions

and the final reports

Indian village 600l/hour RO solar desal plant:

Topher #2, on the N-S Pipe and other options for Melbourne:

Sydneys Indymedia did a spread on Watershed’s 9th May 2009 protest:

John Morgan, Managing director of Melbourne Water for three years to Jan 1998 asking why recycling of waste water is being ignore:

Ken Davidson on the whole shambles that the ‘Water Plan’ is and the concerns around Suez/Veolia PPP:

State Government finally admitting that they never had any intention of implementing significant amounts of sustainable options:
changed to:

Stateline transcript 090626, Holding announces dropping of ETP business cases:

Sydney plant will have to run flat out even though dams are over 60%, Radio National, The World Today 29 June 2009:

Not up on site yet

Gold Coast plant poorly built and cracking up:,23739,25720296-3102,00.html

Suez-Degremont involved in serious price collusion:

Example of what Suez-Degremont get up to:

Suez in a consortium with Lend Lease & Sydney water problems:

Melissa Fyfe-The Age-On preferred bidder misdemeanours, costs and funding:

Update on above Suez misdemeanours:

Warnambool shows how stormwater can be captured by the cities roofs and trunked directly to their reservoir:

090813-Brumby ALP fundraising corruption – The Age – Paul Austin:

AGL questioned by ACCC about electricity pricing strategy 090909:

AGE Editorial 14th September 2009 – More water robbed from Thomson equals water policy failure:

Real-time tonnes of carbon in the atmosphere counter:;jsessionid=7889311F3B0BACB51886403B61B8A9D5.internet2

Recent CSIRO on potable use of Stromwater (Salisbury SA):

Stateline Tony Shephard admitting desal will cost $4.8 billion (now admitting $5.75 billion)

BOM predictions of dryer times ahead (Sept 2009), and why - excessive energy use!:

091005 - Ken Davidson on the economic rationalists & resultant social & environmental disaster:

Labor Government thought Melbournians considered water restrictions were as bad as being on a war footing before they announced their new Water Plan in 2007:

Solar Thermal starting to look like the way forward for Australia in renewable energy:

N-S Pipe Stateline program Oct? 2009:

Clark & Dawe on Desalination:

Stateline – on N-S Pipe:

December 2009: Kenneth Davidson’s articles on the State Government’s inability to justify desalination:

( and


Melissa Fyfe – Cost ($, environmental and moral) of water supply:

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