Here is an idea of our frustration with Government policy and Victorian Water Forum’s short written submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into water options for Melbourne:

Download our frustration - ‘We can’t understand the Government’s position, and they won’t talk to us’

Or go to new page with more technical details

Download Victorian Water Forum’s submission

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 18 Nov 2008 @ 12:29 AM 

Watershed/YWYS with EDO are working on a submission to this 10 year review (refer announcement and links below.

EPBC ACT - Independent Review

On 31 October 2008 the Minister for the Environment, Heritage and the Arts commissioned an independent review of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), the Australian Government’s central piece of environmental legislation. Section 522A of the EPBC Act requires it to be reviewed every 10 years from its commencement.

This is the first review of the EPBC Act since its commencement on 16 July 2000. The review will assess the operation of the EPBC Act and the extent to which its objects have been achieved.

Community participation in the review is encouraged. There will be opportunities for public input over the course of the review. The first stage of this public input process has commenced and written submissions are now invited. The closing date for submissions is 19 December 2008.

Public consultation sessions will also be held across the course of the review. Details will be made available on this web site closer to the time. Interested parties are also invited to register to receive news and updates of the review at

The review is being undertaken by Dr Allan Hawke.

Here is the link to the discussion paper that has already been put out:

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 31 Oct 2008 @ 12:31 AM 

Full Title of Inquiry: Melbourne’s Future Water Supply

When is it happening? - Start: 2008 End: This date has been repeatedly postponed by the the State ALP Government so as to not show the public how the farcical their 2007 ALP/DSE Water Plan for Central Regions is in reality >1

Who is hosting the Inquiry? - Committee of Victorian Parliamentarians within the Environment and Natural Resources Committee who are from various political parties

What: This inquiry is important because it NOT an ALP members-only State Government inquiry - so there cant be a cover up of what the water figures really are (though the final published findings will probably be distorted by the State bodies under the direction of ALP Ministers)

Download: Watershed Members’ Submission To Water Inquiry (PDF ~ 1.1mb)

Recommendations Summery: (click below to expand)

Summery Of Recommendations

Summery Of Recommendations


Download: Victorian Water Foums Submission To Water Inquiry (PDF)



>1 . The Victorian central region Water Plan ad-hoc farcical sheme is made up of

  • A desalination mega-factory - likely to be dependent on very nasty Chlorinated compounds, and the ‘Brumby cartel’ have stated that the effluent (congaing these types of compounds) may well be put DIRECTLY into a HIGH CONSERVATION environment !
  • A North-South Mega-Pipe - no EES done on it , breaks ALP promises, takes water from Murray basin !!
  • A corporatised inter-city water grid
  • The failure to fully upgrade the two huge Melbourne wastewater treatment plants
  • An as yet unnamed PPP cartel (the ‘Brumy Cartel’) - but one that smells strongly of ALP corruption (Chris Masters - why are you retiring now ??)
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Please come to a session of the hearing to support Watershed and the the dozens of Organisations and individuals making vital presentations to oppose to the crazy Wonthaggi desal proposal …

TIMETABLE (Version 3) for Hearings of the EES Inquiry


  • THE KAEMPF FILES - Expert Witness Dr Jochan Kaempf based at Flinders University (S.A.) showed up the appalling slack marine science and holes in reports provided by the Government.
  • THE HEISLER REPORT - Vetenary family the Heislers led by Dr Chris Heislers, …. more to come
  • … more to come


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 31 Oct 2008 @ 12:11 AM 

What: Visual Slide Presentation made to full Inquiry Panel

By: Dr Jochen Kaempf
School of Chemistry, Physics and Earth Sciences
Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia

Title: A critical assessment of the EES of the Victorian Desalination Project with Emphasis on Marine Pollution

Size: 1.5 MB


This is the zipped 1.5 MB presentation of the the oceanographer Dr Jocham, to the panel, converted from a large power point file to a series of web-friendly slides….

Other file types can be made available on request … (Contact Page)

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