07 Jan 2009 @ 1:31 PM 

Successful Big Day Out for Surfing Identities


The big Jan 3rd 2009 event on the Bass Coast was finally staged at Cape Patterson near the proposed site of the “crazy” desalination factory.

The big collaboration of organisations ensured that the Australian media and the the Southern Australian public know that the Victorian surfing community with big name identities, stand united in protecting Victoria’s coastal heritage from “crazy” projects like the proposal for a desalination mega-factory on the East side of Wonthaggi.

Print & TV media were awash with stories and comments from a who’s who of champions of sport and music .

Sports people showed they can be very articulate and take the environmental protection message to the wider public, and get the first ‘worry sweat’ of 2009 out of the foreheads of all State politicians, leaving no doubt that 2009 will see power hungry, chemical discharging desal factories and other PPP projects under heavy fire from all angles.

How they will professional politicians keep their seats in the next State election if they stay silent on such outragous PPP projects ??

One of the great outcomes of the Jan 3rd event was the human sign spelling the surf lovers message that the Eastern Wonthaggi desal proposal will be a wipeout for Victoria.

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Last Edit: 12 May 2009 @ 10 00 PM

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