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Melbourne Water Supply Inquiry & Hearings


Full Title of Inquiry: Melbourne’s Future Water Supply

When is it happening? - Start: 2008 End: This date has been repeatedly postponed by the the State ALP Government so as to not show the public how the farcical their 2007 ALP/DSE Water Plan for Central Regions is in reality >1

Who is hosting the Inquiry? - Committee of Victorian Parliamentarians within the Environment and Natural Resources Committee who are from various political parties

What: This inquiry is important because it NOT an ALP members-only State Government inquiry - so there cant be a cover up of what the water figures really are (though the final published findings will probably be distorted by the State bodies under the direction of ALP Ministers)

Download: Watershed Members’ Submission To Water Inquiry (PDF ~ 1.1mb)

Recommendations Summery: (click below to expand)

Summery Of Recommendations

Summery Of Recommendations


Download: Victorian Water Foums Submission To Water Inquiry (PDF)



>1 . The Victorian central region Water Plan ad-hoc farcical sheme is made up of

  • A desalination mega-factory - likely to be dependent on very nasty Chlorinated compounds, and the ‘Brumby cartel’ have stated that the effluent (congaing these types of compounds) may well be put DIRECTLY into a HIGH CONSERVATION environment !
  • A North-South Mega-Pipe - no EES done on it , breaks ALP promises, takes water from Murray basin !!
  • A corporatised inter-city water grid
  • The failure to fully upgrade the two huge Melbourne wastewater treatment plants
  • An as yet unnamed PPP cartel (the ‘Brumy Cartel’) - but one that smells strongly of ALP corruption (Chris Masters - why are you retiring now ??)
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